Hi, thanks for stopping by to learn more about me! Hopefully this page will give you some insight about my background. I've managed broadcast accounts for organizations such as Fox Sports 1, Cox Sports Television, New England Sports Network and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Beyond sports, I produced video, social media and web content for the Office of the Governor of North Carolina and other state agencies. I have also completed a variety of freelance projects, ranging from wedding videos to political ads. Today, you can find me at Durham Bulls Athletic Park, as I manage game entertainment for the greatest team in professional baseball - the Durham Bulls.


William Peace University, my alma mater, will always hold a special place in my heart. The knowledge I gained there went beyond the classroom and allowed me to think outside of the box while being involved with student government, the sports radio broadcast team and university newspaper leadership team. To this, I owe my former professors, classmates and staff advisors the biggest 'thank you' cards money can buy. 


I believe everyone should know their worth in order to fulfill their God-given potential. Projects involving videography, photography, social media and digital marketing are my bread and butter. I thrive when given the opportunity to help an individual or organization better their brand. Message me to learn how I can help you and your brand grow!